AACR Web Apps

Machine Scoring Apps

AACR AutoReport

AACR AutoReport produces machine scoring of student responses and generates instructor feedback reports. Upon uploading new student data is scored using a ensemble machine learning algorithm, the results of the scoring is analyzed and the scoring, statistical analysis, and graphical representations are assembled to interactive reports.

Question Setup

The AACR Question Setup question set-up web app handles the input of new questions into the AACR machine scoring system. This app trains scoring models, runs a cross-validation analysis of the models, and records the necessary question metadata needed to construct instructor feedback reports.

Research and Development Apps

Exploratory Analysis

The Exploratory Analysis app allows for the analysis of unscored student responses using a number of analytic approaches. The resulting analysis may be used during the early stages of rubric development to identify content and structures in student data.

Confirmatory Analysis

Confirmatory Analysis allows for the analysis of hand-scored student responses using machine learning tools. This app is useful for rubric refinement, the testing of hand-scored data sets, and confirmation of predictive models prior to the insertion of a question into the AACR machine scoring system.

Graphical Representation, Data Processing, and Other Tasks

Path Maps

The path map app is a tool for the production of path map representations of student progression through a sequence of questions.

Clean HTML Tags

This app may be used to strip HTML tags from Excel spreadsheets.

Data Uploading Tools

“Upload Data”

Uploader app for instructors to use with developing questions. (Note: Page loads after entering the right /?question= parameter in the URL.)

Database Uploader

For the AACR research group to use with datasheets.